Origin mechanisms and neurophysiological peculiarities of proprioceptive trigger points

Prof. Ivanichev G.A Kazan, Russia Classification A. Trigger points: extraceptive (skin, mucous) proprioceptive (muscular, fascial ,periosteal) intraceptive (vascular, muscular) B. Mechanism. Reorientation of contractible substrate and receptor apparatus in consequence of static work of minimum intensity and long duration. Disfunction of segmental level of motion organization. Pathology. a) Mechanism disturbance of correction type of motion organization. b) Impulse sectivity motoneuron disturbance. c) Motoneuron nonimpulse activity disturbance (neurotrophic control). Supersegmental level regulation disfunction (pathology of programme type of motion organization). a) Phoriration of pathological motor stereotypes. b) Formation of central algetic sensorimotor complexes. C. Neurophysiological peculiarities. I. Motor unit territory distortion. II. Rate retardation of excitement wave passing through trigger point. III. Coordination relation disturbance of muscles anthogonists. IV. Excitement disturbance in realization of polysynaptive reflector complexes and absence of silence period.


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